A 3 part sound Installation created in collaboration with Wayne Stamp at the Museum of Contemporary Art (Sydney) exhibition Sound In Space: Adventures in Australian Sound Art (July 1995) curated by Rebecca Coyle and Allessio Cavallaro.

The work comprised of an 8 metre concrete pipe (Line C) situated outdoors in front of the MCA, mounted with an 18″ driver creating a large acoustic canon. The second stage (Line B) was situated at the old front door of the MCA, with speakers mounted overhead as people enter. This played pulsar sounds recorded at Parkes Observatory. Line A was situated on the fourth floor, where the listener wore headphones whilst standing on a square of recycled human waste.

Featuring Wayne Stamp, Panos Couros, Anthony Babicci, Chris Ryan, Branco and pulsar sounds from Parkes Radio Telescope.

Full work can be heard here

.top floor MCA