Omphalos is the Greek word for navel, and it is often used to refer to the oracle at Delphi – which was considered to be the navel of the world in ancient times.

A sound installation comprising of seven large ceramic urns and a smaller central urn. The urns sing, emitting dreamlike resonances from within. The installation functions as an oracle and the audience may query it by speaking directly and intimately into the central urn (the Pythia). A gentle, ethereal voice replies with an answer to the query whilst the outer urns sing and dramatically accompany the oracular process. Kudos Gallery, Sydney Greek Festival. 2005.


Principle Artist / Composer / Sound Designer : Panos Couros
Clay Artist: Neville Assad-Salha
Programmers : Alex Davies, Adam Hinshaw
Vocalists: Arianthe Galani, Gina Zoia, Anita Plateris
Voice of Pythia: Arianthe Galani, Marianthe Couros
Website: Graham Crawford

Creative development of this project was facilitated by Nexus Multicultural Arts Centre, Adelaide. Special thanks to Mirna Heruc

Developed with funding from the Australia Council for the Arts

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