AmphiSonic was commissioned by Curiocity Brisbane, as a part of the 2022 World Science Festival, held in Brisbane and run by Queensland Museums.

Curiocity Brisbane Team:

Curator: Jay Younger
Project Manager: Sally McRae
Site Manager: Chris Paget
Project Coordinator: Louisa Lachi

AmphiSonic Team:

Producer / Principle Artist / Musician: Panos Couros
First Nations Yankunytjatjara Poet: Ali Cobby Eckermann
Lead Scientist: Assoc / Prof Lee Berger
Herpetologist: Danielle Wallace
First Nations Singer: Ursula Yovich
Musician: Greta Kelly
Musician / Audio Producer: Siyavash Doostkhah
Musician / Audio Producer: Amanda King
Actor: Jane Phegan

Thank You:

Alex Galeazzi
Alexander Moffatt
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