Ukaria Residency 2022 – Support Material

Panos Couros, Ali Cobby Eckermann, Tim Gruchy, Sandra Thibodeaux
Peramangk Cultural Consultant – Mandy Brown

Music Examples - Panos Couros The first three tracks are studies for AmphiSonic , an immersive work being performed in July in Brisbane as part of the World Science Festival, featuring Ali Cobby Eckermann's words, spoken by her.  A full catalogue of Panos' work can be found  HERE
Naturae Vitibus (Nature Forces) : Tim Gruchy.  Vibrantly expressing hidden forces within nature in an accelerated timeframe, Naturae Vitibus (Nature Forces), 2021, heightens our sense of the energies and powers within nature. Utilising site-specific 360 degree, 3D mapped projection with sound, a majestic Ficus macrophylla (Moreton Bay Fig) tree on North Terrace is given a different manifestation of life for the audience. The dynamic, high colour looping work explores notions of the temporal and ancient timescales, and how we perceive time in relation to nature. In playful ways it portrays the complexities and layering of growth cycles in nature, highlights the invisible underlying energies, elements and forces involved, and sets up a relationship with the audience of seeing, listening to, and taking time with nature anew.
ANYTHING CAN BREAK by Pinaree Sanpitak with Breastcloud2 interactive soundscape by Tim Gruchy, 2012. While Pinaree's work was being installed at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney as part of the Bienalle of Sydney, she commissioned Tim to make a new interactive soundscape for the work.Thus Breastcloud2 was composed and installed half way through the Bienalle and will now be an ongoing part of the work.

Calls to 1194 by Sandra Thibodeaux and Panos Couros. Calls to 1194 is a 50-minute, immersive and audio/visual experience where Sandra Thibodeaux performs her text within a live soundtrack played and improvised by Panos Couros on a Subharmonicon. Performance October 29, 2021, Darwin Entertainment Centre. Panos Couros streaming live from Redfern, Sydney.

Ali Cobby Eckermann reading her poem "Trance"